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Top 5 Best Garage Door Styles

Choosing the right garage door style can be a game-changer for your home's curb appeal. If you're a Colorado homeowner, you've got plenty of options to pick from. Here are the top 5 garage door styles that'll look fire at your crib:

Carriage Garage Door

1. Carriage House Garage Doors

These classic doors give your home a rustic, vintage vibe. With their wood look and design details like hinges and handles, carriage house doors are a popular choice in Colorado. They come in steel or wood construction.

Aluminum Garage Door

2. Contemporary Aluminum Garage Doors

For a sleek, modern look, aluminum garage doors are the way to go. They require little maintenance and come in a variety of finishes like woodgrain, anodized, or powder-coated colors. The clean lines work well with contemporary Colorado homes.

Wood Garage Door

3. Wood Garage Doors

You can't beat the natural beauty of real wood garage doors. Cedar and redwood are great options that provide warmth and character. Just be prepared for more upkeep than steel or aluminum doors.

Glass Garage Door

4. Glass Garage Doors

Let in tons of natural light with glass garage doors! They create a bright, open feel. You can get them fully glass or with aluminum frames. Glass doors make a bold statement in Colorado's sunny climate.

Insulated Garage Door

5. Insulated Steel Garage Doors

For top energy efficiency and durability, insulated steel doors are hard to beat. With a wood look.

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