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Garage Door Installation Company Broomfield

Affordable Garage Door Installation Company In Broomfield CO


Broomfield homeowners ready to upgrade their garage doors should stop by our online garage door showroom to see the latest selection in steel, glass, carriage and wood doors. West Link doors also takes good care of our residential clients in Broomfield CO. For any repair or installation services, call the experts at HGS Hopper’s Garage Door Service LLC.


Garage Door Service & Maintenance Broomfield

We all expect our garage doors to work, and usually don’t even think about them until they stop working and become a major inconvenience. Broken garage door springs in Broomfield are a very common cause of garage door malfunction. The torsion springs are what actually lift the heavy garage door, and regular maintenance of the springs can save you money and extend the lifespan of your garage door. Working with the powerful torsion springs in a garage door can be extremely dangerous, and replacement should always be performed by an experienced garage door repairman in Broomfield CO. Call HGS Hopper’s Garage Door Service now at 720-673-7376 and we will get your Broomfield CO garage door functioning again promptly. As part of our basic service call.  HGS also includes balancing the garage door and opener, plus lubrication and screw tightening of all garage door components.

What to Know Before Upgrading Your Garage Door

For many of us, the garage door is the primary way we come and go. While replacing one is a big decision, it’s also an opportunity for a major upgrade. Here’s how to pick the right one.

They’re battered by the elements, assaulted by basketballs, and commanded to perform their disappearing and reappearing act countless times each week. When, after decades of service, a garage door stops working well—or looking good—you can take comfort in the fact that a new one is among the best investments you can make, allowing you to recoup nearly 95 percent of the cost when you sell.

“Garage doors have come a long way over the last fifteen years. Springs are safer, R-values are as high as 18, and they’re quieter and need less maintenance. Manufacturers now realize that looks matter, adding design options that make them a focal point. Call HGS for your garage door installation in Broomfield CO. Today.


Why Upgrade My Garage Door?

A new garage door is also a comparatively inexpensive upgrade given how drastically it can bump up your curb appeal.

The best of today’s doors are made from multiple layers of galvanized steel, vinyl, or composite wrapped around foam insulation, which require almost no maintenance; for purists who want wood, it’s most often delivered as a skin on top of solid rail-and-stile construction. There are door designs to suit just about any architectural style, and the insulation stuffed inside can give you the R-value of an insulated 2×6 stud wall—a boon for garages under a living space.

Buying a new garage door means living with your decision for several decades, so it pays to read up on state-of-the-art builds and new design styles.

Time for an Upgrade?

Here is how to tell if your old garage door is ready for the dustbin.

While many problems that can crop up over a garage door’s lifetime— from busted springs to dented horizontal panels to noisy rollers—can be repaired, there is a point at which you’re better o spending your money on a new one. If xing the door would cost more than half of a replacement, it’s not worth the cost of repairs. The good news? With better, more durable materials, a new garage door could last up to 50 years.


Garage Door Installation & Replacement In Broomfield CO.

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